Akixi 2000


Akixi 2000

Product Description

The Akixi 2000 service level of our call reporting software provides businesses with our most advanced call monitoring and tracking solution, allowing supervisors to successfully manage call centre operations with improved efficiency. Our most powerful and complete contact centre tool for the provision of advanced analytics.

Akixi 2000 – Report Styles

* It is possible to use the Historical Call List report in Akixi Presence but it is automatically filtered by the user’s assigned extension device.

Akixi 2000 – Report Features

Akixi Product Levels Lite Presence 1000 2000
Historical Reporting tick tick tick tick
Scheduling tick cross tick tick
Cradle To Grave Reporting tick cross tick tick
Call Recording Plug-In tick tick tick tick
Abandoned Call Recovery tick cross tick tick
Real Time Reporting cross tick tick tick
Presence BLF View cross tick tick tick
Call Control cross tick tick tick
Alarms cross tick tick tick
Charting cross cross tick tick
1000 Wallboard cross cross tick tick
Hunt Group Monitoring cross cross cross tick
Account Codes Reporting cross cross cross tick
* ACD Statistics cross cross cross tick
DND Statistics cross cross cross tick
* Not Available Codes cross cross cross tick
*ACD Group Analytics cross cross cross tick
2000 Wallboard cross cross cross tick
* ACD call statistics require ACD agent subscriptions.

Powerful Reporting

Working with accurate and in-depth call centre management reports on Akixi 2000 means gaining access to invaluable insights on business KPIs. Along with significantly improving the quality and consistency of the customer contact you provide, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) call centre reporting can also have a direct impact on the wider performance of your team and your business.

Akixi’s call centre management reports, such as Calls By Half Hour, can give you the insight you need to help ensure you provide consistently outstanding customer service, even during peak hours. Determine when and where your business is likely to receive the highest call volumes, deploy your workforce accordingly and minimise the risk of missed incoming calls.

Use the Akixi 2000 wallboard to display key statistics in a clear and efficient visual format (calls in queue, calls answered, longest time waiting, missed calls, etc.). ACD call centre reporting provides managers and team members with invaluable quantitative data to work with, contributing to the continuous improvement of service quality.

Better Customer Service

Akixi 2000 provides powerful ACD call centre reporting and our most advanced call analytics service. Effectively monitor and measure your ACD agents’ statuses, do-not-disturb activity and general performance. Identify performance issues and areas for improvement, find out which employees are performing above or below required norms, improve staff training and enhance the efficiency of the entire team.

Our call reporting software records time on duty, average call times, multiple call queues and not-available states – the perfect call centre reporting solution to help drive improved customer service.

ACD agent subscriptions and the desktop wallboard are both available at this product level.

Enhance the service you provide and simplify call tracking and reporting with Akixi. Explore our full range of products and services on this site, or contact a member of the Akixi team for more information.

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