Call Recording Plug-In

Akixi and Dubber Partnership

Akixi has partnered with Dubber to provide our customers with our “Call Recording Plug-In” feature; which provides an intelligent call analytics and recording solution to current Akixi customers.

Dubber is the world’s most scalable call recording service that enables users to record, save, replay and interact with their calls like never before. Like Akixi, Dubber offers their services from a cloud-based platform, with unlimited scalability and no upfront costs and true SaaS offering enables service providers and customers to use and benefit from call recording like never before.

What Product Level Is The Call Recording Available On?

The Call Recording Plug-In is available on all Akixi product levels and the Call Recording Playback Functionality and download capability is available for all reporting supervisor licenses including Akixi Lite, Akixi 1000, Akixi 2000 and Presence Users.

Akixi Call Recording Reporting Levels

Akixi Lite Akixi 1000 Akixi 2000
Call Recording Plugin tick tick tick

Akixi Call Recording Playback Supervisor Levels

Akixi Lite
Akixi 1000
Akixi 2000
Akixi Presence
Call Recording Playback tick tick tick tick

How To Get Call Recording On The Akixi Platform?

In order to have the Call Recording Plug-In feature on Akixi and the Call Recording Playback Integration, your current telephony provider must have Dubber implemented with their BroadSoft BroadWorks platform.

For more information on how to get access to call recording on the Akixi platform please contact us here.


  • Track every step of a call
  • Find and retrieve a recording from any particular part of the call
  • Record any incoming or outgoing calls
  • Easily retrieve recordings
  • Download recordings in MP3 format
  • Date, time and duration of the call are listed
  • To and from telephone numbers of the call segment are listed


  • Cradle To Grave Call Recording Retrieval
  • Instant Call Recording Availability
  • Enhanced Search Interface
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